Sunday, December 13, 2009

Does Ink Refilling can damage your Printer?

Ink refilling is an alternative to people who wanted to save more on their printing expenses. But others and not the most people choose to buy an original because of the fear to get their printer damaged. Other people believe that Ink Refilling can damage their printers because they are told by the personnel in which they bought the printer that ink refill can void their warranty and may cause damage on their printer. 
So if you are really confused if ink refilling can really damage your printer, well then the answer is YES!...If you would not consider the factors listed below:

  • The Ink Re-filler's expertise
The person's expertise or knowledge of how much he/she knows on ink refilling processes. And how does he/she do the work to handle your ink/toner cartridges properly. More likely if the ink re-filler does not have enough knowledge of what he/she's doing, it can cause an ink leakage and can lead to cause damage on your printers.

  • The Ink/Powder Used
The ink or toner powder that is used must be compatible with your own printer models in which if not can cause a noozle clog or poor print out.
  • The User
The user must have enough knowledge on how to handle their cartridges properly if they will brought it for refill and must return it to their printers correctly without or less of mess. Improper handling of the cartridge mostly hp and canon may lead to an "ERROR" message after returning it to your printer/s.
Again, the main reason of Printer Damage due to refill is INK or TONER POWDER LEAKAGE that could create a mess inside your printers and will make the electronics parts malfunctioned or damaged. If the electronic parts of your printer will get wet, it will create a short circuit and burn it out and may not be repairable anymore. 

To make sure you used the best out of your printer thus saving a printing expense, then choose Ink Refilling Centers properly that provides expertise, high quality ink, and support that you will not be hesitate to asked about your ignorance on taking care of your printers. And how to used it properly by following the advice of proper cleaning cycle.

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There are not very many options of epson workforce 610 ink on normal ink websites

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