Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ink Refill VS. Original Cartridges

Ink Refill vs. Original Cartridges for printers - which is the best choice?

Original Cartridges are more expensive but much more higher quality. Not to asked it has a great quality because it is an original cartridge came from the printer manufacturers. The problem of choosing originals is that it cost you too much expense in your printing needs. 
Ink refill is a wise choice of many alternatives that take them to a much more savings in their printing costs needs and still get the high quality prints they deserved. Ink refill doesn't mean of having a poor print than the originals out but it does a little difference that a naked eye could hardly recognized.
But we should consider to the ink used by the ink re-filler or company. Does it provide a high quality that can compare to the original ink or toner print out? And does it compatible to your printer cartridge for a better performance and longer life span of my printer? If not, then you should choose buy an original cartridge as the best choice. 
Most people won't go on ink refill because they will loose the warranty of their printer. But here's the good news...Another advantage of Ink refill is that 3 - 5 times refill can save you the cost of one brand new printer which is some reason people choose to let their cartridges got refilled. - this is where Ink refill is the best choice!

If you are afraid to loose the warranty of the printer, you should also consider of how much you fear to spend for the original cartridges. 
People have it's own decision, where you have your own freedom to choose for. That's why we give information and support about ink refilling to give you an alternative to choose from between. If you choose Ink refill make sure you will read our post of "Does ink refill can damage my printer?" to know more about ink refilling.

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