Saturday, January 16, 2010

The following ink may have run out! How to get rid out of it?

Canon printers like iP1980 has it's common problem like the "ink low" prompt. Most of our customers didn't notice that this problems are having it's solution. Everytime that "ink low" message appears, the solution has been posted on the message prompt to get rid of it. But most of our customers or even you don't notice the solution.
Note: if you got prompted with "ink may run out", please consider of having your cartridge get refilled or buy a new one if you preferred to do so.

See image below:

Most of people who got this problem are confused how to solve this because they only noticed the button on the image; "Cancel Printing" and "About Ink" buttons.
The solution is to press and hold the RESUME button for 5 seconds and ignore the "LOW INK" prompt on it. The "RESUME" button is located at the lower side of the "POWER" button in your printer. For some older printer like Canon Pixma iP1200, iP1300 and other lower version, you will only need to press the resume button once and not 5 seconds.

Please consider of getting your ink cartridges refilled not for a very long period  of time from the moment that you got prompted with low ink or ink run out message. You can cause damage on your cartridge if you will continue using it and may lead you to nonrefillable . The ink served as the cooler of the cartridge, it's like water in the engine that if you are not going to be aware, you'll likely damage the engine.

Hope this help.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

GPEDIT.MSC is not available in XP home...

Most common security controls for your computer can be found in Group Policy Editor or gpedit.msc which enables you to edit with understandable plain sentence. One thing it can do is restore the settings that a virus or any infecting files alter on your default settings or your preferred configuration in your security controls.
But one bad thing is that it's not available in windows XP home edition OS. Home Edition is not designed to enter a domain or group of user/computers and it do not need the domain or security configuration utilities like gpedit.msc. The only option is to download a third party tool to alter some settings in your registry and may help you restore the security configuration that you wanted or the default settings that your OS had. You can download the tool here.
If the link is not working, you can copy and paste this link below:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Printer Resetting

Most common printers has it's counter that protects the waste absorber inside of it. Everytime you make a task like cleaning, nozzle check and printing, the counter moves upward like a meter counter on a taxi. The counter may seems like it counts the wasted ink that goes into the waste absorber inside the printers. Once the counter reached the maximum number (which also assumes that the waste ink absorber is full) that has been programmed by the printer manufacturers, a prompt message will appear and you could not be able to print unless you do the "Printer Resetting".

Canon printers Pixma iP1200, iP1300, iP1880, iP1980 and others will prompt a message "Waste ink absorber is full" when the counter reached it's maximum number. And most common Epson printers will prompt you an "End of Service" message.

If some of you will ask what does the counter counts, then I don't have the exact answer but just a prediction. Here it was, in my opinion, the counter counts every drop of the ink that spits out of the printerhead of the printer. Some other says it's the number of page that was counted but we tried to make a task like cleaning and try to use a resetter tool that read the number of counts. And what we discover after the cleaning and used the "READ" option of the resetter tool is that, in just doing a cleaning the counter already has "28" counts. That's why we predict that the counter counts the ink that has been spitted by the printer head and not with the paper.

To reset the printer back to normal and to make it usable again, you need a resetter tools for the appropriate printer. Printer Resetting is necessary for printers like Canon, Epson, Brothers and other but not all printer models like HP's. Visit our store to reset your printers...InkQ-MAC ink refilling is located at Bamp Complex, National Highway, Tagum City, 8100 Philippines.- Beside St. Mary's College.

Have a happy day!