Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Brand New Canon iP1980 printer with CISS + FREE Resetter

If you want to save money from your printing expenses, you need to think of an alternatives of buying brand new or genuine ink cartridges for you printers and expensive printing tools. Here is the good news, you can have your own brand new printer with continuous ink supply system for a very affordable price! CISS converted printers like canon is one of the ease solution for a long term problem of you printing expenses. The printer package (Printer + CISS) can be use both for personal and business used. We provide a full manual for proper maintenance and care for your CISS converted printer to maximize it's potential usage.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ink Refill VS. Original Cartridges

Ink Refill vs. Original Cartridges for printers - which is the best choice?

Original Cartridges are more expensive but much more higher quality. Not to asked it has a great quality because it is an original cartridge came from the printer manufacturers. The problem of choosing originals is that it cost you too much expense in your printing needs. 
Ink refill is a wise choice of many alternatives that take them to a much more savings in their printing costs needs and still get the high quality prints they deserved. Ink refill doesn't mean of having a poor print than the originals out but it does a little difference that a naked eye could hardly recognized.
But we should consider to the ink used by the ink re-filler or company. Does it provide a high quality that can compare to the original ink or toner print out? And does it compatible to your printer cartridge for a better performance and longer life span of my printer? If not, then you should choose buy an original cartridge as the best choice. 
Most people won't go on ink refill because they will loose the warranty of their printer. But here's the good news...Another advantage of Ink refill is that 3 - 5 times refill can save you the cost of one brand new printer which is some reason people choose to let their cartridges got refilled. - this is where Ink refill is the best choice!

If you are afraid to loose the warranty of the printer, you should also consider of how much you fear to spend for the original cartridges. 
People have it's own decision, where you have your own freedom to choose for. That's why we give information and support about ink refilling to give you an alternative to choose from between. If you choose Ink refill make sure you will read our post of "Does ink refill can damage my printer?" to know more about ink refilling.

Does Ink Refilling can damage your Printer?

Ink refilling is an alternative to people who wanted to save more on their printing expenses. But others and not the most people choose to buy an original because of the fear to get their printer damaged. Other people believe that Ink Refilling can damage their printers because they are told by the personnel in which they bought the printer that ink refill can void their warranty and may cause damage on their printer. 
So if you are really confused if ink refilling can really damage your printer, well then the answer is YES!...If you would not consider the factors listed below:

  • The Ink Re-filler's expertise
The person's expertise or knowledge of how much he/she knows on ink refilling processes. And how does he/she do the work to handle your ink/toner cartridges properly. More likely if the ink re-filler does not have enough knowledge of what he/she's doing, it can cause an ink leakage and can lead to cause damage on your printers.

  • The Ink/Powder Used
The ink or toner powder that is used must be compatible with your own printer models in which if not can cause a noozle clog or poor print out.
  • The User
The user must have enough knowledge on how to handle their cartridges properly if they will brought it for refill and must return it to their printers correctly without or less of mess. Improper handling of the cartridge mostly hp and canon may lead to an "ERROR" message after returning it to your printer/s.
Again, the main reason of Printer Damage due to refill is INK or TONER POWDER LEAKAGE that could create a mess inside your printers and will make the electronics parts malfunctioned or damaged. If the electronic parts of your printer will get wet, it will create a short circuit and burn it out and may not be repairable anymore. 

To make sure you used the best out of your printer thus saving a printing expense, then choose Ink Refilling Centers properly that provides expertise, high quality ink, and support that you will not be hesitate to asked about your ignorance on taking care of your printers. And how to used it properly by following the advice of proper cleaning cycle.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Waste Ink absorber is full!

"Waste ink absorber is full" message will appear when your printer reach it's maximum page yield. Canon, Epson and Brother are most common printers that has a page counter to protect it's waste ink pad inside your printer upon leaking. 
The page counter doesn't mean that it counts every pages that you are printing but it counts through the ink that has been spit out by your cartridges. Everytime your cartridge spit a dot of ink, it makes a count on it. 

The counter just estimates the amount that will become waste that will be sent out through the waste pad inside your printer everytime you do a task(printing or cleaning, nozzle check...). So if your printer had a default counter of approximately 25000 pages, you will be prompted "waste ink absorber is full" if you will reach that page range. That's how your waste ink pad protected upon getting leaked or spilled. 

To solved the problem of waste ink absorber is full, you have to reset the counter of your printer back to zero (0). 

If you have canon Pixma iP series such as iP1200, 1300, 1880 1980 etc.. you can read my post on how to reset canon pixma iP series? here.

WARNING: Make sure to change the waste ink pad inside your printer after resetting your printer page counter back to zero. 

If you don't know how to change the waste ink pad inside your printer, please refer to your nearest expert printer technician to do it for you.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

About InkQ-MAC

InkQ-MAC is an Ink Refilling Center that provides TOP QUALITY Ink Refill for your Printers and also a Computer Repair Services here in Tagum City Philippines.
We give the best service that we can to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We also offer a money back guarantee for our Ink Refills, other related products and Computer Services. We do hope to provide more to our customers to become the most convenient Ink Refilling Center in Davao del Norte Philippines.

InkQ-MAC stands for:
Ink Quality - More content, Affordable Price, Clean and Clear result
InkQ-MAC also accepts computer services such as typing jobs/encoding, document printing, pictures printing from different kinds of media storage (i.e cellphone), lamination, photocopying and other services related from those listed.

To become the most competitive and convenient choice of many alternatives companies in ink refill and printer services.

To provide our most competitive ideas, techniques and materials that insures a best outcome of our products and services with fast and quick response to your concerns.

Remanufactured Ink Cartridges, Compatible Cartridges, Continous Ink Supply System (CISS), Bulk Inks, Blank CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, CD/DVD case, Photo paper, cd-stickers, computer accessories and more.
BAMP COMPLEX Bldg., National Highway, Tagum City, 8100 Philippines. ( Beside St. Mary's College )

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Use Printer Cleaning Cycle Properly

It has been a problem when your printer ink doesn't make a good print results. Most probably, improperly used of your printer can cause your ink cartridges clogged up. Improper usage would be factor from not making a print in a regular time (2-3 times a week recommended), too much printing (take your printer at rest about 10min after printing 80's - 100's page prints), and too much using a back to back cleaning cycle.

One of the basic task that you must to avoid printer ink clog is to do a Printer Cleaning Cycle Properly.

Printer cleaning Cycle in properly done:

  1. Go to Printers and Faxes.
  2. Right Click the printer that you wish to do a Cleaning Cycle.
  3. Select "Printing Preferences"
  4. Select "Maintenance" tab.
  5. Click on the "Cleaning" button.
  6. Print a Nozzle check pattern.
  7. If the printout is ok, you are done. If not, proceed to step 8
  8. Click the "Cleaning" again.
  9. Click the "Cleaning" again but last one.
  10. Print a whole page document, with 4 colors on it. (Black, Blue, Red and Yellow).
  11. You are now done...
Warning!: Do not run back to back or repeatedly using the "cycle cleaning".

Note: If the print-out goes the same and not having a progress, you must have to consult your printer expert in your area. InkQ-MAC ink refilling center is located at Tagum City and just newly launch. You can bring your printer to our store located at BAMP complex Bldg., National High way beside  St. Mary's College. Or you can request an ebook for more details and learnngs.

How to reset Canon Pixma iP Series...

This are the instructions on how to reset your Canon Pixma iP Series. Although it is not applicable for all iP canon printers but most of them can be.
Applicable for: Canon iP 1000, 1200, 1300, 1800 series, 1900 series.
This is a manual reset method for iP pixma series printers:
  1. Turn off the Printer
  2. Unplug the Power Cord from the printer.
  3. Press and Hold the POWER button.(do not release)
  4. Plug the power cord to the printer.
  5. Release the POWER button.
  6. Switch the printer ON.
  7. You are finish...
Warning: The waste ink pad inside your printer must be replace after resetting to avoid ink leakage. Or you can have the option to make an alternative waste ink tank outside your canon printer. You can visit InkQ-MAC Ink Refilling Center at TAGUM CITY Philippines to let us do it for you if you can't or you can order an e-book manual on how to open and change the waste ink absorber from your canon ip pixma printers.

The second method is using a software:
This only applicable for the following printer models: iP1200, 1300, 1600, 1700, 1800, 2200, 2500, 2600.
  1. Download the iP Tools here.
  2. After download, extract the files.
  3. Switch On the Printer.
  4. Double click iP tools.exe
  5. On the white space on the left, the installed printer in your computer should be listed there.
  6. Select the iP printer series from applicable models listed above that you wish to reset.
  7. The Buttons should now visible and clickable.
  8. Navigate to "Waste Ink Counters".
  9. Click on "Reset Main"
  10. Turn Off the Printer for 5 seconds and 
  11. Turn it back ON.
  12. You are now done...
 Now the printer should reset.

How to reset Canon Pixma IP 1880, 1980 ?

Most IP Pixma series can be reset manually using the guide below.

  1. Unplug the Power Cord.
  2. Press and Hold the Power button (do not release).
  3. Plug the Power Cord.
  4. Release the Power button.
  5. Your done..
Disadvantage of manual reset is that, everytime the main power has been remove from the printer, you must do the above instructions again and again. But it's worth it than not to use you printer.
Warning: The waste ink pad inside your printer must be replace after resetting to avoid ink leakage. Or you can have the option to make an alternative waste ink tank outside your canon printer. You can visit InkQ-MAC Ink Refilling Center at TAGUM CITY Philippines to let us do it for you if you can't or you can order an e-book manual on how to open and change the waste ink absorber from your canon ip pixma printers.
The printer is now reset.

To permanently restore your printer from previous state and not to do the instructions above all over and over again everytime your power is unplug, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download General tool for IP1880 here.
  3. Click Lock release
  4. Click iP1800
  5. Click Device ID
  6. Clear waste ink counter by clicking MAIN & PLATEN
  7. Check EEPROM Box
  8. Click EEPROM Dump
  9. Test pattern 1
  10. Your finish!
 Make sure to read the warning above to avoid severe damage of your printer parts due to ink leakage.

How to take care of your Printers?

Taking care of your Inkjet Printers and Laserjet Printers are crucial since it also has it's life span. Like human, your printers also needs your attention and much more of your care to make it's service longer in your hands. Caring for your printer doesn't mean just to watch it's physical form every single day if it has change or somethings happening but by following the proper guidelines as we have written that we used from our years of experience in handling our own printers and our customers printers for longer life span and service.

This are the following guidelines that you must follow to make your printer more reliable and longer usage.

1. Keep your printer away from dusty places. Cover your printer with clean cloth or dust cover if not in use.

2. Clean outside of your printer 2 - 3 times a week using clean & dry cloth.

3. Make a Cleaning Cycle once a week.

4. Lubricate your printer once a month using known lubricants for gears and mechanical parts protection.(if don't know how to do it, bring your printer to us and we'll do it for you.)

5. Avoid touching sensitive parts of the printer such as the Print Cartridges micro-Chips and other sensitive wires.

6. Never let your cartridges run out of ink. It may cause severe damage to your printer head and can lead to defect and poor print outs.

Those are just few of what you can do to minimize the trouble of your printer and may let you get the longest service life of it.

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The following list of drivers that I listed are the most used by our customers in our area. If there's no way you can find your printer driver here, you can post a comment and we will help you find it. Thank you.

Here are the List of Printer Drivers that maybe helpful for your needs:


Canon Pixma iP1000 Driver
Canon Pixma iP1200 series Driver
Canon Pixma iP1300 series Driver
Canon Pixma iP1800 series  Driver
Canon Pixma iP1980 series Driver
Canon Pixma MP145 Driver

Epson stylus T10/T11 Driver Download
Epson stylus TX100 Driver Download
Epson stylus C90 Driver Download
Epson stylus CX5500 series Driver
Epson stylus C59 Driver
Epson stylus CX2900 series Driver
Epson stylus R230
Epson stylus CX3700 series Driver
Epson stylus C41/43/45 Driver
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