Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to take care of your Printers?

Taking care of your Inkjet Printers and Laserjet Printers are crucial since it also has it's life span. Like human, your printers also needs your attention and much more of your care to make it's service longer in your hands. Caring for your printer doesn't mean just to watch it's physical form every single day if it has change or somethings happening but by following the proper guidelines as we have written that we used from our years of experience in handling our own printers and our customers printers for longer life span and service.

This are the following guidelines that you must follow to make your printer more reliable and longer usage.

1. Keep your printer away from dusty places. Cover your printer with clean cloth or dust cover if not in use.

2. Clean outside of your printer 2 - 3 times a week using clean & dry cloth.

3. Make a Cleaning Cycle once a week.

4. Lubricate your printer once a month using known lubricants for gears and mechanical parts protection.(if don't know how to do it, bring your printer to us and we'll do it for you.)

5. Avoid touching sensitive parts of the printer such as the Print Cartridges micro-Chips and other sensitive wires.

6. Never let your cartridges run out of ink. It may cause severe damage to your printer head and can lead to defect and poor print outs.

Those are just few of what you can do to minimize the trouble of your printer and may let you get the longest service life of it.

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