Sunday, January 10, 2010

GPEDIT.MSC is not available in XP home...

Most common security controls for your computer can be found in Group Policy Editor or gpedit.msc which enables you to edit with understandable plain sentence. One thing it can do is restore the settings that a virus or any infecting files alter on your default settings or your preferred configuration in your security controls.
But one bad thing is that it's not available in windows XP home edition OS. Home Edition is not designed to enter a domain or group of user/computers and it do not need the domain or security configuration utilities like gpedit.msc. The only option is to download a third party tool to alter some settings in your registry and may help you restore the security configuration that you wanted or the default settings that your OS had. You can download the tool here.
If the link is not working, you can copy and paste this link below:

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