Saturday, January 9, 2010

Printer Resetting

Most common printers has it's counter that protects the waste absorber inside of it. Everytime you make a task like cleaning, nozzle check and printing, the counter moves upward like a meter counter on a taxi. The counter may seems like it counts the wasted ink that goes into the waste absorber inside the printers. Once the counter reached the maximum number (which also assumes that the waste ink absorber is full) that has been programmed by the printer manufacturers, a prompt message will appear and you could not be able to print unless you do the "Printer Resetting".

Canon printers Pixma iP1200, iP1300, iP1880, iP1980 and others will prompt a message "Waste ink absorber is full" when the counter reached it's maximum number. And most common Epson printers will prompt you an "End of Service" message.

If some of you will ask what does the counter counts, then I don't have the exact answer but just a prediction. Here it was, in my opinion, the counter counts every drop of the ink that spits out of the printerhead of the printer. Some other says it's the number of page that was counted but we tried to make a task like cleaning and try to use a resetter tool that read the number of counts. And what we discover after the cleaning and used the "READ" option of the resetter tool is that, in just doing a cleaning the counter already has "28" counts. That's why we predict that the counter counts the ink that has been spitted by the printer head and not with the paper.

To reset the printer back to normal and to make it usable again, you need a resetter tools for the appropriate printer. Printer Resetting is necessary for printers like Canon, Epson, Brothers and other but not all printer models like HP's. Visit our store to reset your printers...InkQ-MAC ink refilling is located at Bamp Complex, National Highway, Tagum City, 8100 Philippines.- Beside St. Mary's College.

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